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In 1979 I built my first tractor with 2 small block 350 C.I. motors and ran the local circuit around the area. I run that with other modifications until 1986 when I built a new frame and built 2 small block 383 c.i. motors on alcohol. I ran that for a few years and then I added a 480 C.I. big block to it in about 1991. In 1994 I built a new frame and went to (4) 480 C.I. natural aspirated alcohol fuel injected motors. Then in 1996 I went to the current set up I am running now. After blowing up one of the natural motors, Ralph Banter of the famous Banter brothers convinced me to put on 3 of his motors and try the setup I am running now to finish the season out. It worked so well in my opinion without things being ideal that I completely rebuilt the tractor and built 3 new supercharged motors and put the motors where we thought they should go for weight and balance. My engines were first set up with a lot of information from Ralph. Over the last few years Ralph and I have gotten to be pretty good friends and with that he has furnished me with a lot of valuable information. Then in 2004 I built a new chassis very similar to the old one and I am still campaigning it today. Other things in setting up the tractor is to change the tire pressure for each different track you go to and also to know your vehicle well enough to set the front end weight so you get a good balance for each track you go to. The other main issue in setting up the tractor is my experience. With almost 32 years of experience I have a definite advantage over a lot of other competitors. As far as having no problems at pulls, my philosophy is that I go to race and not to work on it at the pull unless I absolutely have to. One of the key things in having no problems is to use new and proven parts in the motors. I also do a lot of maintenance in between pulls. Every 4-6 runs all the valves get run and the valve train gets a major checking out . At the beginning of the season every run gets new spark plugs put in until I get the fuel readings I want because that is how I tell how much fuel the motor is burning ( by looking at the plugs I can tell if the motor is ok , rich , or lean ). From that and a detailed log of air density readings I know how to fuel the motor before a pull starts . I change oil and filters every 12 to 14 runs.

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