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Armada Mi. Winning run 8-17-2010

Cassopolis Mi. 2nd place run 8-3-2010

Enderle Pull off, Urbana Ohio 9-18-2010

Hartford Mi. 2nd Place run 7-20-2010

Hazelwood In. Winning Run 6-26-2010

Hillsdale Mi. 2nd Place run 10-1-2010

Ionia Mi. 2nd Place run 7-31-2010

Kalamazoo Mi. Winning run 8-10-2010

Marion County In. Winning run 7-28-2010

Mt. Vernon Ohio 2nd Place run 7-25-2010

Sandusky Ohio 2nd Place run 8-13-2010

Warsaw In. 2nd Place run 7-17-2010

Ted Boyers turbine explosion,
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Krider Racing

Tractor Pulling At Its Finest On The State And Regional Level