2008 Video Links

Berrien Springs Mi. 8-11-08 Winning run

Cassopolis Mi. 7-29-08 Winning run

Charlotte Mi. 7-11-08 Winning run

Mason Mi. 7-28-08 Winning run

Wapakeneta Ohio 8-2-08 Winning run

Charlotte Mi. 7-10-08 Day 1 2 engine run, throttle unhooked on 1 motor

Hartford Mi. 7-15-08 Bounced bad on first run

Hartford Mi. 7-15-08 2nd try, ended up 2nd

Hicksville Ohio 8-21-08 I broke the sled with 3 or 4 to go on this run

Saline MI. 9-5-08 Full pull

Southbend In. 8-1-08 Starting line dust bowl

Valparaiso In. Full pull

Valparaiso In. Bounced in the pull off

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