2007 Video Links

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Adrian MI. 7-22-07 Winning run

Allegan Mi. 9-14-07 Took all 3 blower belts off

Arcola In. 7-6-07 Breaking head stud and blowing head gasket

Berrien Springs Mi. 8-14-07 Don't get the sled guy mad ay you, full car at 155 foot

Charlotte Mi. 7-13-07 Winning run

Charlotte Mi. 7-14-7 Day 2 valve cover comes loose

Fowlerville MI. 7-16-07 Winning run

Hartford Mi. 7-17-07 What a run

MarionCounty In. 7-25-07 winning run 337.26 foot

Midland Mi. 6-15-07 Winning run

Saline Mi. 9-6-07 Winning run

Valparaiso In. 9-2-07 Winning run


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